Economies of scale

The elimination of routine time consuming tasks which do not generate profits as well as freeing up resources that could be better used elsewhere which then allows you instead to grow and manage your business.

Our Value reposition

  • 10 years experience in Payroll.
  • Highest levels of confidentiality of customers’ information are maintained.
  • Assistance in an advisory capacity around payroll decisions.

Value added Features  

  • The payroll continuity is achieved by eliminating the risk associated with dependency on key individuals within your organisation and the problems that result due to absenteeism and staff turnover.

How the process works

  • Input into the Payroll
    The SLA agreement defines timelines as well as guidelines detailing the required information which must be collated by the client and submitted to Impact Payroll for processing.

Executive Summary  

Impact Payroll’s objective is to provide an affordable payroll outsourcing solution that is tailor-made to suit companies of all sizes. The solution offering is an extension of your business and you are guaranteed that we will meet all your needs and be responsive to your requirements forming a partnership for life thereby enabling our customers to focus on their core business.

The complexity of payroll calculations with the adherence of laws and regulations, such as the Income Tax Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Skills Development Act can have a huge impact on your business. Our dedicated team of experienced skilled professionals will ensure that your payroll is produced timely and accurately eliminating unnecessary penalties and fines due to non compliance.